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Little Free Pantries

Little Free Pantry - Little Free Library - Little Free Fridge - Little Free Veggie Wagon

In March of 2020, several Garden members recognized the need to support local individuals who lost their jobs, finding it difficult to feed their families. This recognition and concern led to the birth of the "Little Free Pantries" (and the "Little Free Veggie Wagon") described in more detail below.

Little Free Pantry.jpg

Little Free Pantry

The Little Free Pantry was established to provide 24-hour emergency support of non-perishable food and toiletries. Volunteers fill the Pantry every day!

Your donations of non-perishable supplies may be left in a large black/red donation bin on the porch of the United Methodist Church directly across the street from the pantries.


Little Free Library

The Little Free Library allows our Remington community to share books and other reading materials with each other! For people of all ages. Take a book - leave a book


Little Free Fridge

In 2021, the Little Free Fridge was added when a need was seen for storage of fresh milk, eggs, produce, and other perishable items. Full meal kits are periodically available there as well. Your perishable contributions may be placed directly in the Fridge. Monetary donations are also appreciated.

veggie wagon full 2021.jpg

Little Free Veggie Wagon

In July 2020, several Garden members began to plant extra produce and harvest it several times a week to be made available free to the local community through the Little Free Veggie Wagon.

Your contributions of food, toiletries, books, or monies are tremendously appreciated!

Little Free Pantries: News & Updates
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