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All About Us!

Remington Community Garden (RCG) is made up of a group of community focused individuals who love celebrating and cultivating garden space, sustainable gardening practices, and creating an overall greater community spirit within Remington, Virginia.

We’ve been working since 2015 to grow a local and healthy green space for community members in the area for all ages to enjoy and benefit from, while also providing space for a local seasonal farm market, a venue for free family entertainment, and a gathering place for all during holiday celebrations.

RCG was established in 2015 by John Waldeck, and funded by the PATH Foundation "Make It Happen" grant. John and a small group of like-minded individuals joined forces as a means of creating a more engaged community and practicing advanced sustainable gardening techniques in order to provide more access to local produce.

RCG is sponsored together with the Remington United Methodist Church, and supported by the Fauquier County Cooperative Extension Service and St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Neither affiliation nor membership with ANY church is required to participate.

Those in need of temporary assistance in acquiring both staples and fresh food will find it here in the Little Free Pantry, the Little Free Fridge, and the Little Free Veggie Wagon. A Little Free Library is also on-site. You are encouraged to join us and contribute towards making a positive difference in the town of Remington. We hope you'll join us soon!

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